Friday, November 06, 2009

What Types Of Cleaning Packages Do We Offer?

We offer four different types of cleaning packages:

Move In/Out Cleaning Package - This is a detailed, thorough cleaning of an empty home.

Deep Cleaning Package - This is a thorough, top to bottom clean of a furnished home.

General Cleaning Package - This is a timed cleaning designed for folks who just need a little tidying up.

Maintenance Cleaning Package - This is our most common cleaning package. Perfect for folks who require our services weekly, every other week or once per month.

Inside our Maintenance Cleaning Package, you can select between a Premium or Budget Cleaning Plan. Some people even alternate between the Premium & Budget cleanings. For example, you can receive a Premium cleaning today and a Budget cleaning next week. For a side by side comparison of a Premium vs. Budget Cleaning Plan, please click the next link.....

Premium vs. Budget

P.S. The picture above is our new staff in Birmingham, AL!!

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