Thursday, March 04, 2010

Meet Our Most Loyal Employee In Pensacola

April has been our Star Employee for more than four years. That's an amazing feat for any employee in today's workplace. But it's even more amazing for a cleaning company. The average turnover in a cleaning business is more than 300%. To put that into perspective, the average cleaning company is changing its entire staff at least three times per year!!

Of course, we're much different. Our turnover level is extremely low. If you're a current customer, you've probably seen the same people each time for some time because we rarely lose an employee to another job. In April's case, she's the perfect example of what hard work can do for you.

April has performed just about every task - including office work, sales support and, of course, housecleaning. She's awesome and if you know April - you know why she's so awesome. Every company could use a bunch of April's. Thank goodness she found our company more than four years ago.

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