Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crazy Meeting In Fort Walton Beach

We held a meeting last Thursday in Fort Walton Beach. Our Panama City Manager (Rachel), our Fort Walton Beach manager (Elicia) and myself all attended. I'll spare you all the boring details of our meetings but I will let you in on the crazy events from last Thursday.

Just before lunch, I noticed that my car was no longer in my parking space. Turns out, the parking space wasn't even a parking space - it was a tow away zone!! So my truck was towed and it cost a fortune to get it out of the lot.

Since my truck was gone, we used Rachel's truck to drive to lunch. The lunch was fun and the food wad good. But the good times died very quickly as we proceeded out of the restaurant. Rachel's truck was the victim of a hit & run in the parking lot!!

Obviously, it was a crazy two hours from lunchtime to 2 PM - to say the least. The picture above represents some of those "good times" during our lunch. Needless to say, Elicia & Rachel were glad to say goodbye to me. No more meetings for a while.....

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