Monday, July 25, 2011

Two Maids & A Mop Opens Its Seventh Location!!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Hayes!!! Elizabeth is our newest TwoMaids manager and she'll be responsible for all of the day to day activities for our new Atlanta, GA location!! Exciting times for sure!! Get to know Two Maids & A Mop's newest manager.......

Birthplace: Athens, GA

The main reason I work here: The people ( they are rock stars :)

If I didn't work here I would be: A broke musician

If it were 5 o'clock I would be:
Fighting Atlanta traffic and losing terribly!

My philosophy on customer service:
When the customer comes first, the customer will last.

The weirdest thing about Ron: Thanks to an inside source, I have learned he has a secret fetish for Mexican food, yet he discloses this to no one. It's kind of crazy because he always makes fun of me for eating it so frequently.

If I could say anything: Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life.

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TwoMaids of Atlanta Grand Opening News Coverage

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