Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Awesome Testimonial from Pensacola

Now that I have used Two Maids & A Mop for several months, I can honestly say that so far I am so happy to have good help in keeping my home cleaned, dusted, and just freshened up. Nicole and Theresa make a really great team. One thing I noticed in particular, that has impressed me and is something I have not found with other companies, is that the two of them do not seem to ever complain about what they have to do, they don't argue among themselves about who is going to do what, and even more important, they don't mind when I ask them to do a specific thing or to do it a specific way (the way I like it done). They arrive with a smile on their face, do their work, and stay busy the entire time they are here. I have come to love having the help and it certainly frees up my time to do so many other needed things. I appreciate these two ladies so much. I am thrilled at the way Two Maids & A Mop works. Each time they clean, I get to give them a rating from 1 to 10 and that determines how much I pay for my housecleaning. So far, they have been so good, I have always given them a 10 rating - But, they know I will reduce that rating if my housecleaning isn't done good and to my satisfaction. Colleen, it has also been great working with you. I'm able to schedule ahead of time, but I'm able to make changes easily, providing there are openings. This is so important, as unexpected things can come up, unexpected company can call saying they are coming to visit, or even us having to be out of town unexpectedly at times, and I appreciate so much that Colleen has worked out my cleaning days to make all this satisfactory to me. This flexibility is of utmost importance to me. So, I'm going to keep Two Maids & A Mop for a long time and far as often as necessary.

Thanks so much for a job well done so far!!!!
Mrs. Harley (Maxine) Hickenbotham of Pensacola, FL

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