Thursday, November 01, 2012

How Small Gestures Can Make A Big Difference

Check out this post from one of the most energetic, most successful managers inside our company........

"Sometimes we forget how far a small gesture can carry us. I stopped in to do a quality check for a team today, and took a minute to play the piano for one of our elderly clients that has been ill lately. Her face lit up as she thanked me and said nobody has played her piano in years! We don't just clean houses at Two Maids & a Mop, we provide a service and make a small difference in the lives we touch! Today reminded me to take a moment and remember the impact we can have on each person we meet along the way!"  your humbled manager in Nashville, TN, LA Martin

Here's the cool thing! No one told LA to do this and no one expected LA to play the piano. But she did it and I am sooo proud of her. She's the perfect example of what we mean when we say that Two Maids & A Mop is not just another cleaning company. Thank you LA for going the extra mile and caring so much about this company & this customer!!!

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